The Captains

The Final Frontier is only the Beginning

Since first soaring onto television screens in the 1960s, Star Trek has become one of the most beloved franchises of all time. Now, the original Captain Kirk, Canadian actor William Shatner, travels around the globe to interview the elite group of actors who have portrayed the role of Starship Captain, giving fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the pop culture phenomenon as well as the men and women who made it so. In doing so Shatner discovers something about himself and the impact the Star Trek had on his own life and career.

Running Time:
96:30 minutes
Production Year:
Movie Central, The Movie Network, Canal D, Sundance Canada, Encore Avenue, MPIX, Epix HD
Entertainment One Television

Death or Canada

An Extraordinary Tribute to the Human Spirit

Death or Canada presents an epic tale of sacrifice and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. In 1847 Ireland was in the grip of a devastating famine that would claim more than a million lives and force a million more to leave their country in despair, escaping to North America in the holds of 'coffin ships'. Among those fleeing their homeland were the ancestors of Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy and Bing Crosby.

Between May and October of that year, 38,000 wretched souls landed in the muddy backwater village of Toronto. Their only hope was to start a new life and leave the misery of Ireland far behind.

Running Time:
95 minutes
Production Year:
RTE Ireland, History Channel UK, History Television

Hangman's Graveyard

Uncovering the Mystery of Murderers' Row

Hangman's Graveyard is an award winning docudrama that follows a team of archaeologists and forensic investigators as they unearth an old graveyard behind an abandoned Victorian prison in one of North America's largest cities.

The only clues the archaeologists have to work on are a yellow-map that marks 'murderers' row', newspaper accounts on the executions and a list of 34 men who met their end on Canada's 'Death Row'. The period in which they died was an era of mass migration so the condemned men come from countries like Poland, Russia, Greece, Syria, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

They say that dead men tell no tales yet as each grave is opened the team discovers rich forensic evidence that offers clues to the identity of these men. The bodies are taken into a lab at The University of Toronto for advanced forensic testing including radioisotope analysis and facial reconstruction.

Using CSI-style science blended with field archaeology, documentary and historical recreations, Hangman's Graveyard brings these men back to life and offers a fascinating glimpse into the grim world of crime and punishment from a bygone era.

Running Time:
49 minutes
Production Year:
History Television

A Life in Stages

The Remarkable Career of a Theatrical Visionary

A Life in Stages provides a window into the remarkable career of Des McAnuff, one of the theatre's most prolific and versatile artists.

The director of such hits as Jersey Boys, The Who's Tommy and Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays, and recognized for his artistic leadership of La Jolla Playhouse in California and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Des is also an accomplished writer and musician who began his career writing plays and composing scores.

A Life in Stages showcases music from The Who, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and Des McAnuff and the Red Dirt Band. Featuring interviews with The Who's Pete Townshend, Billy Crystal and Christopher Plummer and Colm Feore, the documentary follows Des on a whirlwind schedule around the world.

Running Time:
76 minutes
Production Year:

Dispatches from the Front

The Story of A Pioneering Canadian War Correspondent

Dispatches from the Front is a documentary produced for History Television's 'War Stories' series, which chronicles the life and career of Matthew Halton, one of Canada's most illustrious war correspondents – a man who made the Second World War come alive for millions of radio listeners.

Through the eyes of his son David, his family and friends, we discover more about the man who has been described as an unabashed sentimentalist who covered the war as if it were a crusade, an everyman poet who wore his heart boldly on his sleeve. He was noted for opening each of his dispatches with the words: "This is Matthew Halton of the CBC speaking from ..."

Through the drama of his dispatches, he conveyed to Canadians the horrors of war and helped impart a sense of nationhood to a country struggling to find its own identity.

Running Time:
47 minutes
Production Year:
History Television, CBC Television

A Hero to Me

Remembering a Legendary Flying Ace

A Hero to Me follows a granddaughter's journey as she explores the remarkable story of her family's place in Canada's war history. Her name is Diana Bishop. Her father is Arthur Bishop: Spitfire Pilot and noted war chronicler. Her grandfather was First World War flying ace Billy Bishop.

Diana, a television broadcaster and journalist, sets out to retrace her famous grandfather's life and confront the controversy that has tainted his war record and dogged his memory for decades. Billy Bishop was the most decorated Allied fighter pilot in the First World War. A few have made the claim that he may have faked his famous solo attack on a German airfield – a raid that earned him the Victoria Cross.

This film marks the first time Billy Bishop's family has spoken up and told the story of the man THEY knew.

Running Time:
47 minutes
Production Year:
Global and TFO

The Manic Organic

An Organic Farmer Outstanding in his Field

The Manic Organic is an entertaining and visually rich gardening and cuisine series that tells the story of organic produce as it makes its journey from farm field to dinner table. The series is hosted by organic grower Antony John, whose organic farm Soiled Reputation in Southwestern Ontario supplies top restaurants in Toronto, Niagara and Stratford. Antony is passionate about what he grows and that feeling is reflected in each half-hour episode.

The show follows Antony's organic crops through their life cycle from planting, to growing without pesticides and finally harvesting and cooking. Along the way Antony, with his own unique brand of humour, demonstrates how viewers can employ organic techniques in their own gardens at home and enjoy organic produce in their everyday meals.

The Manic Organic features stunning cinematography that transforms the landscape of Southwestern Ontario into a rich tapestry of colours, making the series a delight for the senses.

Running Time:
13 x 30
Production Year:
Food Network Canada, HGTV Canada
Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.

Grey Wolf Wilderness Adventures

Epic Adventures in Wild Canada

Grey Wolf Wilderness Adventures is a spectacular adventure travel series that takes viewers on breathtaking expeditions to remote and rugged locations; along untamed rivers; through aerie mountain passes; into primordial rain forests, and to the edge of the Arctic ice floes.

These are challenging and awe-inspiring journeys that only a handful of adventurers have ever attempted. Each episode follows the adventure team to one of Canada's renowned wilderness destinations – climbing icebergs and ice diving north of Baffin Island in the high Arctic to observing Kermode bears on Princess Royal Island on the west coast of British Columbia.

Produced with the support of the Canadian Tourism Commission, the Millenium Bureau of Canada, British Columbia Tourism, Tourism Quebec, and Nunavut Tourism.

Running Time:
13 x 30
Production Year:
Outdoor Life Network

Cottage Country

Celebrating the Great Outdoors

Cottage Country was Canada's longest running outdoor lifestyle series airing from 1993 to 2000 CBC Television's weekend schedule.

Each episode of the series would take viewers to summer cottages across the country to meet families who claim their getaway as a little piece of paradise.

Cottage Country's regular features included a barbecue segment hosted by Chef Ted Reader, Cottage Projects hosted by Charles Long and John McElroy, boating safety and Outhouse of the Week.

Cottage Country pre-dated the advent of speciality television in Canada and created a template for the new genre of lifestyle programming. The series also pioneered the re-emergence of branded content through partnerships with the Ford Motor Company, the Jeep Division of Chrysler Canada, Home Hardware, Florida Citrus Growers, M and M Meat Shops and Weber Barbecues.

King of the Q

Caribbean Barbecue Adventures

King of the Q was a food travel series that aired for three seasons on Canada's CTV Travel Channel.

Shot on location in Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, King of the Q featured the grilling talents of Chef Ted Reader who in each episode would host a barbecue beach party inspired by the culinary explorations of the host country.

Let It Snow

Making the Most of Winter

Let It Snow was a outdoor lifestyle series which aired on CBC Television's weekend schedule between 1995 and 1997. Hosted by radio personality Dave Kittle and Nyka Alexender, the series travelled across Canada showcasing the best places and greatest traditions for celebrating winter.

Modeled on Cottage Country, Let It Snow was an early adopter of integrated content featuring sponsor partners including Campbell Soup and Neo Citran.

Beyond The Curtain

How Digital Media Is Reshaping Theatre

Ballinran has become known for its work in the Performing Arts genre and is now taking a leadership role in helping Canadian theatres move into the digital age.

In March 2012, we released the results of the Digital Stage Initiative – an 18-month research study that was led by Ballinran Entertainment with funding from the OMDC Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund. Other partners in the study included Digital Wizards, Canadian Actors' Equity Association and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Our report, Beyond The Curtain: How Digital Media Is Reshaping Theatre, included the result of an on-line survey and interviews with the theatre and performing arts community in Canada and abroad.

To download a copy of the report in web resolution, please click here.

The Highway

Celebrating 50 years of the Trans-Canada Highway

The Highway is a multi-platform digital experience anchored by, a community where all Canadians can share their memories of the Trans-Canada.

On September 3, 1962, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker officially opened the Trans-Canada Highway. After decades of imagination and years of construction, this 8,000-kilometre highway was finally complete – linking Canada from coast just as the railway had done many years before.

In the 50 years since, crossing the country via the Trans-Canada Highway has become a right of passage for Canadians and visitors alike whether by car, motorcycle, bicycle or thumbing a ride.

This highway, the longest continually paved road in the world has inspired musicians, artists and writers. Along each stretch of the road there are remarkable vistas, turning points in the country's history and fascinating characters ready to share their stories.

The web experience is a destination where Canadians can upload their stories, videos and photos of their experiences along the highway.

We are also gathering the best road stories and videos uploaded by ordinary Canadians and weaving them into a television special that trace the history of the Trans-Canada Highway on a journey from East to West.

Beam Me Up Bombardier

William Shatner Takes Flight

Ballinran developed a partnership with Bombardier Business Aircraft during the production of The Captains. The aerospace giant provided the production with the use of a Global Express corporate jet to fly William Shatner and our production team to meet with the other Captains of Star Trek – flying across three countries and two continents in just under five days.

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Discover All That Stratford Has To Offer

Beyond the Stage

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival commissioned Ballinran Entertainment to create a series of Destination Marketing Video promoting Stratford as a destination for more than just theatre. We created three videos - targeting schools, groups and individual visitors – each with a distinct message.

Running Time:

New Dawn in the Desert

Canadian Business in the Golden Gulf

New Dawn in the Desert is a feature length corporate documentary filmed in high definition and produced to showcase Canadian business success stories in the United Arab Emirates. The production has been shown to business audiences in the UAE, the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto), the Conference Board of Canada, Carleton University and Dalhousie University.

Running Time:
60 minutes

A Gift of Summer

The Inspirational Doctor Dan

A Gift of Summer is the touching story of the late Dr. Dan Offord and his devotion to levelling the playing field for underprivileged boys and girls in Canada.

The documentary is set at Christie Lake Camp, near, Ottawa, Canada, which provides outdoor recreation and skill development programs for children from less fortunate circumstances.

The documentary reveals how this camp and the remarkable philosophy of Dr. Dan have combined to improve the life of these children.

The film, which aired on Rogers Community Television and CJOH TV in Ottawa, was released on video and shown at screenings across Ontario.

The project was funded by Health Canada, The Government of Canada's National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention, the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, and Abbott Laboratories.

Running Time:
60 minutes

Performing Arts

Bringing Stage to Screen

Ballinran Entertainment has built a reputation for showcasing great stage performances for nearly five years helping theatre companies transform their productions from stage to screen.

We have filmed more than 30 acclaimed productions at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, on Broadway and in Australia -- productions that include The Tempest with Christopher Plummer, Jersey Boys on Broadway and in Australia, Guys and Dolls on Broadway and dozens of comedies, musicals and classical theatre productions at Stratford.

Ballinran's vision is to interpret the stage performance as if the screen audience is present in the theatre. Using the best lenses and the highest quality HD camera platforms we bring the magic of the stage into any screen-based format - mobile, web, outdoor billboard, television and cinema screen.


Ballinran was commissioned to create a web marketing tool to promote the Stratford Festival production of Macbeth. Using After Effects we blended a variety of computer generated effects with footage of the actual production and text from the play to give viewers a sense of the energy of Director Des McAnuff's interpretation of this classic Shakespearean play.

A Midsummer Nights Dream

The production of A Midsummer Nights Dream transformed the Stratford Festival stage into an enchanted forest filled with magical characters. Our task was to create a web video to promote ticket sales for this entertaining play.

Jersey Boys

We travelled to Broadway and to Melbourne, Australia to capture the performances of the hit musical Jersey Boys for our documentary production A Life in Stages.