Still Kicking

Two Canadian legends of stage and screen reflect on their remarkable lives and careers  in  an  intimate  conversation  on  stage  at  the  Stratford  Shakespeare Festival.

William  Shatner.  Christopher  Plummer.  Two  of  the  greatest  Canadian actors  of the 20th Century, both  still marvelling audiences  well  into the  21st. Their talents have  graced  the  stage,  the  radio  airwaves,  television  and  the  silver  screen,  not only  in  Canada, but  around  the  world. Remarkably,  both  of  these  legendary actors are still working full-time, and are as vital as they were 50 years ago. Still  Kicking:  William  Shatner  and  Christopher  Plummer is  a  one-hour television special that captures the memories and insights of these two icons. The setting is the  stage  of  the  renowned  Stratford  Shakespeare  Festival  Stage,  where  both men launched their careers in the 1950s, and were then propelled to international stardom. Still Kicking captures a bygone era in Canadian radio, television, and theatre by the men who know  this  world  the  best.  They  are  two  of  the  last  survivors  of  this  remarkable generation of Canadian actors.

Running Time: ???

Production Year: 2013

Broadcasters: ??

Distributor: ???




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